Read a Preview of My First Published Story

I took a break from writing the Book of Mormon stories to write a short story exploring an idea I’ve had rattling around my brain fro a while now. The world takes a lot of inspiration from the Shadowrun role playing game released in the 90s from TSR. I’ve always liked the combination of high-tech with magic. The idea just fascinates me!

So this world is sort of based on Shadowrun, but borrows elements and ideas from several other things as well. Judge Dredd’s mega cities (but taken to the extreme), Melanie Rawn’s Lenfell novels (at least a little bit), dystopian stories in general (I know, that sounds a little weird when the setting is a huge city), and many other places.

A Story is Born

I think the first inkling of the story came when I imagined what it would be like if there was a city that covered the entire area from Cedar City, Utah to Saint George, Utah. What would it look like? How far into the future would that be? How would it work? From there it grew to: What if Lake Bonneville were still in existence and that city were on it’s shores? The setting became intriguing to me and I began building a world and setting around that. Then came the story.

During the writing of this short story the history of this other world changed quite a bit. And for the better. I don’t want to give anything away, but the story is now more science fiction than the fantasy it started out being. Though there are still elements of dark fantasy, mystery and horror slipped into the sci-fi wrapper.

Writing the Story

This short story took quite a bit longer to put together than I first anticipated. I was planning on being able to write it up, edit it and put it up for sale in a matter of days, maybe a couple of weeks at the most. It ended up taking me over two months to get it put together! There were a few reasons for that. I didn’t write everyday was the main one. I would hit a wall where I didn’t quite know what would happen next, or there was something in the backstory that I needed to figure out more fully before continuing on.

The story was written very organically, I didn’t know what was really going to happen, I didn’t know the characters, The climax even changed a few times while writing it. It was a very different experience from writing the story of Nephi, where everything is planned out, I know what’s going to happen and what I need to figure out is how and why it happened that way. But it was very fun, even when, at times, frustrating.

My plans are to bring this world to a novel form sometime in the future. I’m not sure exactly when, but it is a story I would like to tell someday.


Amazon has made available a preview of the book that I’ve included here. If you like it, go to Amazon to buy the whole book. It’s very affordable and I hope it’s something you like.