I Get A Scar This Week

“Pain is temporary, but glory is forever.” That’s how one of the quotes goes. Another says: “Pain is temporary and chicks dig scars.” I’m not sure who to attribute those quotes to, but the second was repeated often during my time training in the martial arts.

I sit here this afternoon remembering that my surgery is this Thursday, just four days away. I don’t think you could really say I’m scared, but I’m definitely nervous. I’ve had surgery before. At 14 I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident. Compound fracture of both bones in my lower left leg. Hurt like the dickens! It was bad enough that in order to fix it a metal plate was implanted, read screwed in, to hold the pieces together. So, the surgeries I’ve had were to put the plate in and then again to remove it.

The surgery this week is on my neck. They will be removing my thyroid and those lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. I think it’s not so much the thought of people cutting me open that makes me nervous, but the thought of people cutting my neck open that makes me nervous. There are serious complications that are possible. Damage to the nerves controlling my vocal cords, damage to the trachea which could affect my breathing, etc. Add to that the fact that I am on blood thinners for my DVT at the same time. It’s a lot for my brain to process.

I have invited our home teacher to come over the night before and give me a blessing. It’s always a comfort to have that kind of reassurance. I know that the risks are small and, according to the doctor, only happen in less than 1% of cases, but I think my mind and spirit need that extra help.

I will say this: I will have a cool scar on my neck to add to my collection!