Trusting in the Lord’s Timing

I recently read this article written by a young LDS woman. It described her struggle after returning from her mission. She had expected that after her return things would go smoothly and quickly. She would find the man of her dreams, get married, etc. She was disappointed that things did not progress as quickly as she thought. Her realization that the Lord’s timing was just different from her’s is interesting. Read the full story here.

Am I in the Same Situation?

I have found myself to be in the same situation. When my wife and I had the feeling that we needed to move it was a strong feeling. There was even a time when I felt that I needed to be in the Portland area right at that moment. I even thought of moving to the area myself, leaving my wife in Utah, and conduct a job search on my own and in person.
But we decided that was not what we should do. We kept working toward saving money and making plans to move. We set a date and made plans to move by that time, June 2016.

Once we made the move I believed that getting a job would be nearly automatic. Yes, I knew that I would need to do my part, but also expected something miraculous to happen, receiving an offer within just a couple of months, getting into a routine soon. But after six months I still haven’t received an offer.

It is hard sometimes to get out of bed in the morning. I have questioned the why of moving to a new area where we have absolutely no connections or relationships. For the last three months or so we have been living off of the generosity of family members who contribute to our bank account, enabling us to pay our rent and bills. It’s a situation that I hope will change soon.

Hidden Blessings

However, because of my unemployed status, and the free time that comes with it, we have qualified for a medical plan that has allowed us to take care of all the medical issues that have so recently plagued me. And without paying anything out of pocket. My wife and I have enjoyed time together that otherwise we may not have had. We have gotten to know a number of people from our local ward and felt the welcoming arms of love there. All of these are blessings that we may have missed out on had things gone according to my plan.

While I still wonder at times why I still have yet to receive a job offer, I do know that we have been the recipients of several blessings even though that of employment has been so elusive. Trusting in the Lord’s timing is hard to do. We expect and want things to happen in a certain way, usually in such a manner that there is little discomfort for us. when things don’t happen in that way we have to look to the Lord and trust that he knows best when those things will be of greatest benefit to us.

We have a plaque on our wall displaying a quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell that reads: “Faith in God includes faith in His timing.” In my eyes, this is what’s meant by a trial of faith.